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Electric gates can provide security, convenience and add style to your home – find out more about the benefits of installing electric gates here.

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Electric gates provide style, security and convenience

The greatest benefit of having an electric gate is security. A closed electric gate is a great way to deter anybody who might be a burglar or a thief. Because electric gates can be remotely accessed from inside your home, you can open and close the electric gates at will. You can also customise electric gates to suit your personal tastes and the style of your property. If you are buying electric gates for your family home then you will also benefit from the knowledge that your children or pets are safe playing in your garden.

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Electric gates can be long lasting

Electric gates can be made with such a range of materials from steel, stainless steel, aluminium to timber and it’s important to select one that’s long lasting to get the most for your money. The most popular choice of material for electric gates is galvanised metal with powder coat finish. Metal electric gates are very sturdy and durable, as well as being waterproof, rust-free and low maintenance. Strengthened wood is another choice for your electric gates, but this material may not be as durable as metal gates and will require regular repainting, staining or weatherproofing.

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Electric gates are practical

TOne of the most attractive benefits of having electric gates installed is the convenience they offer. Being able to control the gates from your own car or from the comfort of your home makes coming and going from your home that much easier. The controls for electric gates are simple and very easy to use and most are battery operated. Standard controls for electric gates can be used from a range of 20 metres. Another benefit of electric gate controls is that they aren’t affected by adverse weather conditions, making them safe to use at all times.

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