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A roller shutter can come in a variety of different types depending on the specific requirements and proposed use. We can make the process of choosing just that little bit easier.

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The Benefits of a Roller Shutter

Roller shutters are an excellent way of protecting your property, be it home or business, or weather elements. By installing a shutter system in front of a window you are also protecting the window from burglary and vandalism attempts, also has the beauty of capturing dirt and dust, hiding graffiti By discreetly packing away within a canopy or inside a ceiling giving your premises a clean looking entrance even in the worst of locations. Roller shutters can be used for a whole realm of different applications such as doors for garages, schools, prisons, vans, kitchens and warehouses. Here are some options for some different types of Roller Shutters.

Insulated Roller Shutters

If energy conservation and protection against the weather is important to you then insulated roller shutters are the best option. As a bonus they also protect against extreme noise and offer a high level of security. Industries that tend to use insulated roller shutter include warehouses, garages, spray paint booths, storage facilities, factories, Homes with garages attached to main building and many more.

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Security roller shutters

This type can be used for both domestic and commercial use and are often offered in either aluminium or steel varieties. These shutters are fully capable of deterring burglaries, as well as protect against property damage and vandalism. Security roller shutters offer the best overall protection they can also have damaged parts and slats replaced with the cost of having to replace the entire system, keeping that fresh appearance. You have the option of making them fully automated to make it easier and more economical to roll them up and down. Security roller shutters dramatically increase the length of time a criminal has to spend gaining access to a building and for that reason are ideal for storage facilities, distribution centres, garages, warehouses and many more.

Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Fire rated roller shutters combine fire integrity, heat protection and smoke containment for places where a possible fire risk may exist offering a varied length of protection. These shutters are made to protect both the inside and outside for a certain period of time to allow safe exit and evacuation times from various situations.Fire rated roller shutters are heat and flame resistant and are suitable for both retail and industry properties, particularly in areas that are used as means of escape.

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Commercial Roller Shutters

Commercial roller shutters are made for both industrial and commercial properties. They are often created with galvanised steel to ensure that they are rust proof and weather proof offering economical and lower costs for damage repairs. Commercial roller shutters are the most recognisable as they are well suited to warehouses and shop fronts, though they can be used at general purpose properties also.

Retail Roller Shutters

Retail roller shutters can come in all shapes and sizes with a range of high spec finishes from powder coat finish to just about any colour you can think of maintain a professional, high end secure look. They are most suited to shopping malls and large industrial buildings as they are much more flexible and have a higher quality design that can be tailored to requirement. This type can be mounted either internally or externally to prevent vandalism or merely to restrict access. If you still have some unanswered questions regarding you roller shutter requirements feel free to contact us, we have experienced staff members who can guide you in the right direction…

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