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At PMID, we have extensive experience in designing and installing automatic doors for a diverse range of public buildings, private businesses.

Steel doors have always been regarded as the foremost door for stability, security and home and business safety. If there has been an argument against the solid steel door, it has typically been the exterior appearance. If you still believe the appearance of a steel door is a detriment, look again!

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Automated gates have many advantages for companies

Residential and commercial steel doors have benefited tremendously from modern technology. Today’s solid steel doors can be customised without compromising security, which is essential to maintaining their primary function. Today’s steel doors can be customised to look like the most traditionally used wood doors, including the multiple panel exteriors. All the robust qualities that comprise a solid steel door remain intact. They can also be powder coated to specific colours blending into existing buildings. To drive by these doors would not differentiate it from a standard door except that it is more secure and much more durable.

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Reasons People Install Solid Steel Doors

Steel door sets are appropriate for industrial, commercial and residential areas, in fact they are often recommended by police and security companies as the safest door on the market.

People install solid steel doors at their residences for many of the same reasons that businesses purchase the doors. Homeowners want to protect the property, their personal possessions and the inhabitants. Steel Doors:

  • Protect your premises and personal assets
  • Discourage and prevent burglaries and break-ins
  • Save money on cost of insurance
  • Increase your peace of mind
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How does it work

  • Steel doors have anchored frames that prevent prying.
  • Steel doors have stainless steel doorsteps.
  • The construction and installation of the frame is as important to overall security as the door itself.
  • Steel doors have internal steel casings and steel bars.
  • Steel doors use hidden, anchored hinges and bolting systems.
  • Steel doors use heavy duty Multi-lock security cylinder sand locking systems.
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How to Customise Your Steel Door

The following features can be customised to meet the consumer’s specific needs.

  • Spyhole
  • Letterbox
  • Safety Latch
  • Magnet Lock
  • Glass windows (toughened security glass further strengthened with steel)
  • Electric strike hardware (for intercom door release)
  • Various Fire ratings
  • Various security ratings
  • Specialised weather & corrosion resistant materials
  • Fire escape exit ironmongery
  • Door closers

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