SeceuroShield Lintel Security

TThe Shellcast Lintel - Shutter System

For maximum security and minimal visual appearance, SeceuroLintel is a roller shutter contained within a structural lintel and conforms to the latest building regulations.

Installing roller shutters at the build stage provides enhanced security and a discreet, unobtrusive design without having to compromise on features or accessories. Enjoy all the benefits of a roller shutter but without the visual impact associated with traditional built-on designs. The system is popular on new-builds but is also suitable for installation on existing buildings.

Engineered to be as secure as it is attractive

Discover the benefits of the SeceuroShield Lintel Security Shutter.

Key Features

  • The shutter is hidden within the wall construction
  • Can accommodate shutters up to 8000mm in a single span (no other structural roller lintel system on the market can offer this)
  • Can be manufactured with shutters up to 6000mm in height
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Meets all building regulations
  • A choice of slat profiles
  • Designed to minimise cold bridging
  • Lintels available in galvanised or stainless steel

Specialist Options

Arched & Circular Lintels

The lintel shutter is available with bespoke shaped openings, like arches, circular windows or any almost any other shape you can think of.

Corner Lintels

Whether your walls are straight, curved or cornered our lintels can be adapted to suit your design.

Build Types

The Lintel Shutter can be installed on multiple wall construction materials, including traditional brick & block, timber frame, steel frame, steel cladding or pre-fabricated buildings.

SeceuroShield Linframe

The Linframe is an FCS (full closer system). This provides a complete insulated closer for an aperture which closes the bottom of the shutter's guides, allowing a weather seal finish. Rigid UPVC elbows set an opening size to the exact dimensions required.

  • High level hand crank override
  • Low level chain override
  • Output torque: 160 Nm
  • Output speed: open 25-160rpm
  • Close > 2.5m: 25/110rpm
  • Close ≤ 2.5m: 80rpm
  • Motor power: 0.85kW
  • Max movements per hour: 45 (23)
  • Optional motor cover to suit
  • GfA TS971 controller as standard

Access Panel

Building regulations stipulate that any structural element of a building must be protected from fire. The lintel shutter access panel gives protection, insulation and can be printed to match your internal finish.

Common Applications

The lintel shutter is popular across many applications due to its low visual impact and its high resistance against attack. Typical installations include:

Commercial Buildings / Offices

Provides effective security and protects high-value IT equipment, essential for the day to day running of most modern companies

Sports / Community Centres

Often situated in rural or vulnerable locations, a higher level of security is required as these premises can be targeted for their valuables, such as petty cash, vending machines or sports equipment

Residential Properties

For peace of mind whilst away or during holidays the lintel shutter protects your property when you need it to but is concealed when not in use, ensuring the appearance of your property is not compromised


With large opening widths the lintel shutter is an ideal solution to modern retail premises. Thanks to the discreet design and choice of slat profiles, you can protect your store without compromising on the exterior appearance

Medical Centres / Veterinary Surgeries

Medical and veterinary centres are often targeted for medical supplied. The lintel shutter provides reliable protection against break-ins

Educational Buildings

Schools have proven to be vulnerable premises during the holidays and overnight. The lintel shutter provides protection of expensive and vital school equipment when the building is not in use

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Product Ranges

With 5 specifications, the SeceuroGlide Roller Garage door is one of the most versatile options available in the UK market today.

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